07 August, 2012

Growing Celery

When I read how to grow your own celery on a blog, I immediately went to my fridge, cut off the end of the celery in there, and placed it in water as directed. I could not believe it could be so easy.
I say this because last year I planted a celery in my veggie box outside and though it did grow a little, it remained very thin and was extremely bitter. So I have high hopes for this one.

 What to Do:
Cut off the end of the celery bunch, about 2 inches. Place the end in a bowl with water and position it where it will get some sunlight through a window. Monitor the water level and add as needed.

How it's doing:
6 days -
The outer stalks are slightly pulled out with a hint of brown.
The green leaves in the center are now a bright green and growing.

2 weeks -I planted the celery in potting soil, about level with where I cut the stalks:

I'll more pictures are it grows and will let you know how it tastes eventually - the true mark of success.
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