18 June, 2010

Bean And Veggie Salad

Spring is here and cooling evening meals are calling.

For anything involving beans, a little planning is required if you soak them overnight -as I prefer to do. When in a hurry, I've opted for the "bring to quick boil and let soak an hour" version mayber once or twice, but somehow the beans don't look the same and I'd just as well soak.

In any case, the time for salads is here! Away Soups! Make room for the cool, refreshing salad, with its visual dance of colors that's sure to make any mouth water on sight... this not excluding the "summer soup" off course, which deserves its own recognition.

04 June, 2010

Vegan Corn Bread

We're definitively into simple, no-frills meals at my house, and corn bread certainly falls into that category.
Liking the taste but not the content, I experimented with several recipes found online -that is, by altering it according to my own food standards, i.e.  vegan, healthy, and no imitation food.

The first couple tries I used water... yeah, I know, came out a little dry to say the least. ;0

With a little tweaking here and there, the recipe is now up to snuff and worthy of its own card in my recipe box. Yeah!
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