10 January, 2010

Apple Ginger Breakfast Medley

Breakfast generally means green smoothie for me (see side links). That's what I prefer and what seems to balance me the best. Every few days though, I feel like something else.

That was the case when I went looking for new ideas in Dr. Ritamarie's Power Breakfast book, and Apple Ginger Breakfast Medley won out.

recipe: Apple Ginger Breakfast Medley
book: Power Breakfast ideas
by: Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo

It was a lively morning at the house with activities already under way and a fun-to-be-gotten feel in the air. This turned out perfect as everyone had a bite, which opened up discussion on taste, ingredients, and possible variations.

Let me add when I do not need to rush out the door, breakfast usually comes between 9-10 am-ish... before that it's mostly lots of hot tea or chicory. I'm up by 6:30-7 am on a typical day.

Diced apples make great bases for an "anything goes" type breakfast. Just add whatever you have on hand with spices, milk of choice, or sweetener and there you have it. Perfect, fun breakfast.

In this case, chopped almonds, ginger, lemon juice and cinnamon made a tasty combination.

***Useful TIP:
All nuts should be soak beforehand to make them more digestible. Set out a handful in water as you go to bed and they'll be ready for breakfast. If you forget, soak them as soon as you get up, so they'll get at least a little soaking before you are ready to eat.***

A bowl of fruit might not keep you satisfied for very long, so adding nuts and other "fats" will stretch the time before your next meal (or snack).

To top this breakfast medley, Dr. Ritamarie added an optional chocolate sauce.
What do you mean "optional"?... as IF!... ;p

Chocolate sauce:
Take a Tbsp or two of coconut oil and mix it with agave nectar and carob powder. Use your own "chocolate" or choice: raw cacao, powdered coco, or, as my choice today, carob.

So I mix all this up and am literally salivating at the thought of pouring this over my apple ginger medley. Then something happens... the whole thing firms up into little coco clumps rather than the smooth sauce I was expecting! I try to keep mixing but to no avail. Clumps it is.

A little disappointed I set this one aside and reached for some coconut milk for a re-do. That time it works and a nice, rich dark colored sauce nicely dresses up the apples. I throw a few dried raisins on top for good measure, and voilĂ !

Ok, so why am I telling you this?
Because out of the blue it later occured to me that I knew exactly what had happened.

Coconut oil is solid anywhere below 75 F.
We keep the house between 60-65 F most days. After I gently melted the oil and started mixing the (cold) carob and (cold) agave, the oil cooled down to room temperature and re-solidified! Mystery solved!
What I should have done is remelt it a few seconds and quickly pour the coconut sauce onto the dish, where it could go solid all it wants.

This did not keep me from eating it mind you. Little oily clumps of sweet carob are very tasty on cold Colorado mornings. :D

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Christine said...

Yum! I'm salivating reading this and will definitely be trying it.

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