31 January, 2010

Green Smoothie #2

The great thing about smoothies is that anything goes.
Whatever you have on hand and like as a combination is good. No need for anything fancy or a quick last minute run to the store because you are missing a key ingredient, just go with what you have.

Refer to this previous post for basis of Green Smoothie making.

Green Smoothie #2:

1 grapefruit
2 bananas
2 handful curly kale
1/2 tsp spirulina
1 Tbsp wheatgrass powder
2 C water
pinch cayenne

I like mine with a touch of spicy, hence the cayenne, which is optional of course.

1 comment:

peacelovenutrition said...

Hot damn! Look at that delicious smoothie...well minus the cayenne pepper. I tried making one with cayenne and ginger the other day...no good! Although you might like it if your into spicy...it burned my throat a little!


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