11 November, 2009

Fudge It Is

Imagine this. You've just finished a very nice diner and are now relaxing in the couch, maybe snuggling with your sweetie, maybe watching your must-watch weekly show and everything could not be more perfect. And yet... deep down, there is that creeping up feeling that something is missing. What could it be?

You absentmindly search around and around in your head until, your entire body freezes. You've got it!

Sounds familiar? There is off course only one answer (at least for me) to that particular craving: CHO-CO-LATE.
There is just something about that little sweet taste to round up the meal, especially in the evening, and especially in winter. Don't know what it is. No need to fight it -just embrace it. The best you can do is channel it in the right direction.
I will occasionally purchase an organic, quality dark chocolate bar for this very reason, to enjoy one square at a time. But this time, I decided on a different course: Fudge.
How is that any better, you say?
Simple, it's all about what kind of fudge you make. Yes, fudge can be healthy and eaten without guilt.
Here it is: Fudge Truffles

Ingredients used:
- almonds, pecans, dates, unsweetened cacao powder* and carob.
*Note: Dr. Ritamarie's recipe called for raw cacao powder, which I do not have, so I substituted with what I had on hand. Yes, it's ok to do that. ;p
Mix all ingredients in a food processor, flattened out into a pan and cut into squares for a "fudge" look. Push in a pecan or other nut on top of each square.
Or, roll little balls in your hands, then roll over coconut flakes for a "truffle" variety.
You could also roll these into cacao powder or nut crumbs.
Place everything in the freezer to harden.
recipe: Fudge
book: Healthy Halloween Treatsauthor: Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo
rating: 2 thumbs up; 5 *****
Enjoy at will. ;p

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