15 November, 2009

Luscious Chocolate Cake

This is the third time I've make this cake. It's been good everytime, and this last time was even better... for a couple reasons, all having to do with the cook. :)

The first 2 times I split the batter into 2 bread pans, resulting in loaf shaped cakes. This in itself should hardly matter, except that I also failed to add enough liquid to start with (lack of preparation), making for a dense cake that rose little and dried quickly in the following couple of days.

Fortunately, practice does make perfect... or so I hear.

I have to add that the previous attempts nevertheless tasted great and were particularly good with a cup of tea or chicory, so no complaints there. And being that I like to dip my cake/toast into my beverage, it all worked out just fine, he, he.

This time though, I had everything lined up.

The recipe calls for a nut milk of choice, i.e. almond, cashew, or hazelnut.

I happened to notice a half gallon carton of coconut milk at the store, so I knew exactly what liquid I would be using next. Yes, coconut milk is not listed among the choices, but that's what I got, so that's what I used. You could probably try it with different milks for slightly different tastes.

The recipe is glutten-free and calls for sorghum flour, among others, which is easily found in health food stores in the flour section. Might even be at your local food market, where I found mine.

One more change was necessary: the choice of pan, this time being one single, bigger round pan, instead of the two. And that (and enough liquid) made all the difference.

recipe: Luscious Glutten-Free Chocolate Cake
book: Healthy Halloween Treatsby: Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo
rating: 3 thumbs up, 5*****
The cake rose very nicely, spreading a wonderful aroma throughout the house.
Under the drooling action of my housemates, I took it out of the pan and cut a piece to check... Oh the texture, Oh the color !

I barely had time to take pictures before the "wolves" dove in for the kill.


Conscensus from all present: perfect chocolate brownie cake.
As my Dad would say, all we need is a scoop of ice cream...

Cocoa Powder on Foodista

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