20 February, 2010

Mystery Photo #1

Welcome to the first of many more to come -whenever inspiration strikes- of Mystery Photos here to tickle your imagination. Let's see how well you know your way around the kitchen.

What could this be?
Care to take a guess? Leave a comment below.

The winner will have their name and blog/site url posted forever on this post!

What is Mystery Photo #1 ?

Come on, take your best shot!  :o

Winner: name
From:  blog / site url


Anonymous said...

a loaf of bread

Robin Lee Sardini said...

Chocolate Rice Krispy treats or chocolate no bakes

Anonymous said...

Chocolate... brownies? cake?

Sheila O`Brien said...

Hi my daughter who is 12 has been a vegetarian for 6 months so I will be following your blog for recipe ideas.
Can you follow my blog. thanks. http://networkedblogs.com/blog/learn_french_now_blog/

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