28 February, 2010

Vegetable Crackers

Sunday is often times cooking day for me. Not sure why, other than it's an easy going day from the start, being Sunday, and a leisure pace naturally sets in as soon as I get up.
It's also a good time to take a break from all the projects I continually work on the rest of the week.

Today was definitively a cooking day! I made crackers (see below), home-sprouted wheat berry banana cookies and have hummus, celery, carrots, and big green salad ready to go with the crackers for dinner tonight. I love Sundays like this!

Earlier, feeling a bit like something new to play with in the kitchen, I reached for Brendan Brazier's The Thrive Diet for a fun as yet un-tried recipe, and all it took was opening the book and there they were, two words: vegetable crackers. Yep, really, that's all it took. You might wonder what's all the excitement about, but for me -and most people in my household- veggie crackers always sound wonderful.

recipe: Vegetable Crackers
book: The Thrive Diet
by: Brendan Brazier
So, my question is... Are you ready for these AWEsome looking (and tasting) veggie crackers???

Exhibit #1: the ingredients

- ground flax seeds
- sunflower seeds
- almonds
- tomatoes
- celery
- carrots
- cumin

Exhibit #2: mixing it all in the food processor

Exhibit #3: the crackers coming out of the oven.

Prepare a cookie sheet with light amount of coconut oil.
Flatten out the entire amount of cracker dough to the desired thickness.
I like to place a piece of wax paper onto the dough to better spread it out with my fingers: just gently push it outward. You could also use a roller I suppose, or push down with a small wooden board. It is quite sticky regardless, so paper wax is handy (don't cook it though...)

Any way that works for you. :)

Score before hand so crackers easily come apart once cooked.

300 F for 30 mn., then flip and another 10-15 mn.

And now... ((drum roll))... I give you... Vegetable Crackers !

1 comment:

Terry Reine said...

Great post, thanks. I have the book and was wondering how these would turn out. I'm making them today for our vegan Grammy party tonight.

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