24 April, 2010

Getting The Garden Ready

Growing food is something I really want to expand and learn about. Going beyond the typical tomatoes / cucumbers range, I am committed to expanding the food growing aspect of my life to new standards. It can be, after all, an important part of preparing food... and as such, pictures of progress will be occasionally posted under the new category "Gardening."

Now mind you, I am learning all this so if I am doing something in the garden and you know better, do feel free to leave me comments on how it's done. :D

I got this started last fall and about a month or so ago spread a new layer of dirt on top to get it ready for new plants after the last frost, which should be in a few weeks now.

In my house it is commonly referred to as "The Box." It's 5x3 ft.

The layers:
1. brown cardboard (don't use white)
2. organic horse manure
3. thick layer of leaves

Covers with wire mesh and stepping stones to keep the critters from digging into it.

This early Spring, I added a thick layer of dirt and watered until soaked through.

These are some of the "critters" I refer to earlier... he, he. They came out to help.

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