02 January, 2011

Buckwheat Banana Pancakes

Holiday mornings have a much more relax way of unfolding... thankgoodness too!

Christmas morning was certainly one of these mornings, with a feel of pancakes in the air. I personally cannot eat conventional pancakes, nor do I care to. There are much too heavy for proper digestion, and the wheat flour just does not agree with me.
Buckwheat, on the other hand, has a much lighter consistency and more pronounced taste.

Buckwheat Banana Pancakes:
  • 3/4 C Buckwheat flour
  • 1/4 C Sorghum flour
  • 2 Bananas
  • 1 C Almond milk (more or less)
This makes about 8 pancakes.
Mash one first ripe banana in a bowl with a fork.

In a separate bowl, gradually add milk to flour and mix well to consistency desired. Add the mashed banana and mix again, adding more milk if needed. Now slice the second banana and add it to the batter, mixing it all.

That's it. Get the pancake pan ready and go for it!

*** Useful TIP: to avoid overdoing the oil while making pancakes, pour a little coconut oil in a small bowl, then tear a piece of paper towel (about half of those big sheets, folded a couple times), and place it in the bowl on top of the oil.
The paper towel will absorld the oil, becoming saturated with it.
For each pancake, grab the paper towel and quickly wipe the pan with it -enough oil will remain to prevent the batter from sticking and your pancakes will not have that "greasy" taste to them.***
Variations: try different milks -I've used water and coconut milk. Almond milk is the most satisfying so far. For added  "fruitness" (is that a word?), throw a few blueberries in the batter.

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